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NextGen Legal was founded with a vision


NextGen Legal was founded with a vision to revolutionize the way legal services are delivered to businesses.

Established by forward-thinking professionals, we saw an opportunity to offer something different in the legal market – high-quality, fixed-fee legal services. Our founders brought together their extensive experience in employment law and business to create a firm that values innovation, efficiency, and client satisfaction above all.

Learn more about how KBL can support your brand growth strategy with intellectual property...

Our Philosophy: Brand-Aligned IP Strategy

We believe in a philosophy that goes beyond traditional legal services. We view intellectual property as a strategic asset, integral to your brand's identity and growth. Given this, we work to align your IP strategy with your overall brand vision, ensuring that your legal decision supports and amplifies your unique market position. This philosophy drives us to provide tailored, forward-thinking solutions that resonate with your brand's long-term objectives.

Trademark Law for Your Growing Brand

As a brand focused on making a positive impact, understanding trademark law is crucial for your growth and journey. Trademark law protects unique elements like words, phrases, symbols, and designs that identify your products or services, setting them apart in the marketplace. A trademark is essential for your organization as it enables customers to easily recognize and distinguish your brand from others. It offers legal benefits such as exclusive rights to your brand, and safeguards against counterfeiting and fraud. These advantages are just a few of the ways that trademark law underpins your brand’s success.

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Copyright Law and Your Creative Works

In tandem with trademark law, copyright law is pivotal in your brand’s development and evolution. This law protects original creative works, encompassing a range of categories from literary and dramatic to musical and artistic, whether they're published or not. Holding a copyright grants you exclusive control over how your creations are used, including reproduction and distribution rights. However, it’s important to note that there are certain limitations to these rights, like the fair use doctrine, and that these protections are not indefinite.

Elevating Your Brand Strategy

Our expertise extends beyond the realms of trademark and copyright law. We integrate our deep understanding of business dynamics and subscription design to elevate your organization’s overall brand strategy. This approach is not just about legal protection; it’s about crafting the internal and external narratives of your brand that resonate with your key stakeholders. Our goal is to align your brand’s legal foundation with its strategic vision, ensuring a cohesive and impactful presence in your industry.

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Our Focus: Helping Your Organization Thrive

With a curated suite of IP services, we are focused on nurturing and protecting your intellectual property throughout its lifecycle. We want your organization not just to survive, but thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace. By staying ahead of IP trends and tailoring our services to meet your unique needs, we help protect your intellectual property assets while leveraging their full potential.

IP Services

Tailored Support for Your Unique Needs

A selection of our IP Services include:

Brand Impact Strategy
Strategic Intellectual Property Counseling
Intellectual Property Assessments
Trademark Search & Clearance
Trademark & Copyright Registration
Office Action Responses
Trademark Maintenance & Monitoring

IP Agreements

Protect, Grow, and Scale Your IP Assets

A selection of IP agreements include:

Cease & Desist Letters
Assignment Agreements
Licensing Agreements
Co-Existence Agreements
Consent Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Confidentiality Agreements

“Have you protected your valuable business assets?”

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