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Fractional, Proactive Legal Support


Pioneering Subscription Services in the Legal Industry

KBL is the leading firm offering subscription legal services. For over a decade, Kim Bennett, the founder of K Bennett Law, has worked to design a service that keeps our clients at the center while embracing innovation in the delivery of legal services. KBL’s core business model is to provide monthly, subscription legal services to clients that desire ongoing brand protection and growth support but are not quite ready to hire a full-time attorney.


We go beyond a project attorney and learn your business, grow with your business, and, when your business is ready, we help transition your business to a full-time attorney. We are more than an attorney; we are your strategic team member or strategic legal team focused on providing brand-aligned legal advice to help your organization grow from an early-stage business to an industry leader.


At KBL, we focus on proactive support, transparent services, and predictable fees.

No hourly fees at KBL

K Bennett Law offers services, projects, and products on a subscription and flat fee basis. As a KBL Client - this means - you will never receive an hourly bill from us.


Instead, for a flat monthly fee, we provide you with a set of proactive, brand-aligned legal services available when you need them. Moreover, when you have additional needs outside of the services included in your subscription, we have a range of flat-fee projects to support your goals and respond to your concerns.


Plus - with our subscription, you have ongoing access to proactive, legal counseling. No more worrying about sending a message or calling your legal team about your brand - - it’s included! At KBL, our clients leverage our legal expertise to help solve their business problems and leverage new business opportunities.


Legal is an asset to your business. And, now, with your KBL Team, you can leverage ongoing legal support to grow your business and scale your impact.

Let KBL Work Alongside You to...

Amplify Your Brand, Expand Your Team, and Deliver Lasting, Purpose-Driven Impact!

An Overview of Our Subscription Service, The Strategic Impact Counsel™️ subscription

KBL’s Strategic Impact Counsel ™️ subscription services is designed for impact-driven CEOs, leadership teams, and organizations. The subscription has two plan levels: The KBL Legal Advisor Plans and The KBL Legal Officer Plans. The KBL Legal Advisor plans are designed for CEOs and Founders growing early-stage brands and businesses. The KBL Legal Officer plans are designed for CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams scaling established brands and businesses.


Each plan level supports your organization across each stage of your growth journey. Use our descriptions as a guide - not an absolute - when choosing the level that best aligns with your goals, needs, and resources.


Want to discuss strategy before selecting your subscription? Schedule your brand strategy consultation to clarify your goals and determine your next steps.

Whether you’re just building your brand’s legal foundation or you’re ready to expand your IP portfolio with international trademarks and multi-year licensing deals, we have a subscription to fit your needs.

— Kim, Managing Attorney, K Bennett Law

The Strategic Impact Counsel™️

Your Plan Options

Note: You may upgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. Before becoming a client, all organizations must clear a conflicts check that ensures we can serve your brand and business needs. We typically onboard clients at the 1st and 15th of each month.


For CEOs and New Founders growing early-stage brands and businesses

starting at $100/month


For CEOs and New Founders growing early-stage brands and businesses

starting at $100/month




Step 1:
Chat with KBL

Talk with the KBL Team, get clarity on your needs, and ensure KBL services are the right fit.


Step 2:
Select Your Subscription

Learn more about our services and select the option that works best for your organization.


Step 3:
Hire the

Complete the process of hiring the firm so we can get to work on growing your brand.


Step 4:
Grow Your Brand

Focus on growing your business and let KBL handle your brand's legal needs.

Let’s Grow Your Organization with K Bennett Law



How do I know if a KBL Subscription program is right for my business?

The KBL subscriptions are designed for organizations across various stages of their growth journey. KBL Clients range from recently formed businesses to established multi-million dollar organizations.


The subscriptions focus on providing a selection of legal services focused on addressing three core needs of your new business: (1) legal counseling & education, (2) brand protection, or (3) and revenue generation.


As a client, you will have ongoing access to your KBL Team when you need them, for no additional fee. Additionally, as a client of the firm, we focus on supporting the growth of your brand and closing deals to grow your revenue. If you need additional help on deciding if a subscription is right for your business, schedule a call.

What is included in my subscription?

Our subscriptions are focused on proactively supporting your business. All KBL clients have ongoing access to their legal team to answer questions via secure client portal and have access to monthly office hours for private meetings to discuss your concerns. Additionally, all clients may add a legal project at anytime to address a current need or opportunity. Legal projects include, for example, trademark searches, document reviews, trademark applications, cease and desist letter, contract negotiations and more!


Additional services are offered in our plans based on your needs and your level of investment.

How do I become a member?

Joining is easy. Review the options above and select the subscription that fits your current and future business needs. If you need help selecting a plan, schedule a consultation to ensure our services are the right fit for your business' needs and gain insight into next steps.

What if my business' needs change during the course of the subscription?

We believe that you should gain value in all services you purchase to support developing your brand and growing your business, including our legal and business services. If the business' needs increase or decrease, simply log into your client portal and send us a message to adjust the plan. If you decide to cancel, your subscription will end on the last day of the following month.

How does the subscription billing work?

Each month, we will charge you for your monthly subscription fee using the account on record. All subscriptions are month-to-month. If you are experiencing problems with billing, please message us in your secure client portal or email and a team member will assist you.

Does the subscription cover every legal issue in my business?

The short answer, no.

The KBL Legal Subscriptions are focused on providing a selection of legal services to protect your IP assets, leverage your brand, and scale your business. As a result, there are services that are not included in your subscription. For those services, we offer competitive flat fees to all clients or we can reach out to our network of attorneys to help you address your need.

How soon will I be able to become a KBL Subscription client?

We typically onboard new clients at the beginning of the month, subject to availability. Once you join, our firm will do a conflicts check, and you will have access to all client benefits within 48 hours. While we would love to add everyone to our KBL Client Family, we limit the number of new clients each quarter to ensure we are able to provide our white-glove service.

What if my business needs additional services above what's included in the subscription?

If the business has additional needs for services not included in the subscription, you can add a short-term legal project to your subscription to complete the additional work. Additional fees will be billed via a separate invoice. During the engagement, you can upgrade your subscription if you would like to permanently increase your plan.

How long is the commitment?

All of our services are on a month-to-month basis. We don’t believe in locking you into a long-term contract or holding onto your company's money with a retainer “in the event” the business requires legal services. Furthermore, you may cancel the subscription at any time, with 30 days notice, and all services will terminate at the end of the following calendar month.

How often will I have access to my attorney?

You can schedule a call to speak to your attorney at any time, with at least 48 hours notice. Calls are scheduled according to availability.



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