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Empower Your Business with Comprehensive Employment Law and HR Support Packages!

Equip your team with top-tier legal expertise
and strategic guidance as part of your daily operations.

Our subscription legal services provide businesses with the convenience of having an experienced employment lawyer on hand whenever they need one.




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Access Ongoing 
Legal Support +

  • "Call Before You Send” Support

    Every month
    Empower your team to make confident employment decisions and reduce risk.
    • No limit on the number of calls you may schedule
    • Speak to an employment attorney before taking adverse action
    • Review and consider all relevant factors
    • Ensure decisions are legally compliant
    • Reduce the risk of potential litigation or regulatory issues
    • Position your company to defend itself should a claim arise
    • This service will help your team make confident decisions
  • Essential Legal Support

    Every month
    One legal project worked on at a time.
    • Unlimited requests added to your "Company Docket"
    • Unlimited "Call Before You Send" support
    • Quarterly HR leadership team call
    • Legal projects worked on one at a time
    • Average 48-hour delivery
    • Drafting and revising employee handbooks and policies
    • Automatic handbook and policy updates when laws changes
    • Employment and independent contractor agreements
    • Non-competes and restrictive covenants
    • Cease and desist letters
    • Termination guidance, letters, and severance agreements
    • Leave and accommodation support (ADA, FMLA, work comp, etc.)
    • Wage and hour support (FLSA and state wage and hour laws)
    • Employee health and safety (OSHA, work comp, etc.)
    • General employment law counsel
  • Fractional Employment Counsel

    Every month
    Call anytime. Double the deliverables. Fastest turnaround time.
    • Call any time for day-to-day legal guidance and counsel
    • Unlimited "Call Before You Send" support
    • Unlimited requests added to your personalized Company Docket
    • Monthly HR leadership team call
    • Two legal projects worked on at a time
    • Average 24-hour delivery
    • Investigation support
    • Responding to agency charges (position statements)
    • Pre-litigation support
    • Annual culture of respect training for employees
    • Plus all services in the Essential Legal Support package
  • Custom, Flat Fee, & Hourly Billing

    Available Upon Request
    Free Plan
    • Contact us for more information

*Plans automatically renew unless cancelled. Additional fees for projects that are not included in your plan may be added upon request and approval on an as-needed basis.


Every Month


Every Month


Every Month


Every Month


Example Scenario

Your company is faced with a dilemma regarding it's employee, Sam, who recently made a disability disclosure and requested accommodations. Prior to the disclosure, your company was considering terminating Sam's employment due to declining performance. Now, your company is seeking the best way to address Sam's performance issues while ensuring compliance with legal obligations regarding disability accommodations.

How NextGen Legal's Subscription Plans Can Help:

Call Before You Send

Your company can utilize this plan for up to ten consultative calls per month with an employment attorney to discuss Sam's situation (or other issues), ensuring any actions taken are well-documented and legally sound and evaluating the need for accommodations, potentially reducing the risk of a failure to accommodate or discrimination claim.


Essential Legal Support

This more comprehensive package provides unlimited consultative calls per month and allows your company to manage Sam's case more proactively. It includes drafting and revising documents like termination letters and severance agreements with detailed legal guidance, ensuring compliance with ADA, FMLA, and other relevant laws. The plan's broader scope of services, such as support with leave and accommodation requests, provides a solid foundation for making informed decisions. If Sam had a non-compete or other restrictive covenant, this tier would include drafting a reminder letter of Sam's continuing obligations owed to your company and any cease and desist letters that may be necessary depending on whether Sam violates his restrictive covenants.

This plan also provides an annual review of your company's policies or handbook, which could be crucial in ensuring their policies on performance management and disability accommodations are up to date. In the interim, when laws change, we automatically update your policies and send you the revised policy with guidance on implementing the new policy.


Fractional Employment Counsel

At this level, your company gains access to an even broader array of services, including direct support in responding to agency charges and conducting investigations, which could be relevant if Sam's performance issues lead to a more complex legal situation. The inclusion of annual employee training could also help your company enhance its overall approach to disability accommodations and workplace culture, potentially preventing future issues.

Sam's matter will be discussed during our monthly roundtable to ensure proactive matter management and to consider any immediate policy or procedure changes that may be needed to prevent future issues.

This example highlights how NextGen Legal's tiered subscription plans can offer tailored support to businesses, helping them navigate sensitive employment law issues with the appropriate level of legal expertise and resources.

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